Compare loans in any case – you should pay attention to that!

There are many banks and as many conditions. Who should still get through as a layman? Important parts of the contract can also be found in the small print. This is at the end of a contract; hardly anyone reads it. In addition, a comparison is time-consuming, especially for people who have difficulties with the Internet and are not familiar with contracts.

On the Internet there are “loan calculators” on relevant websites that also compare loan offers from various banks. Based on the desired loan amount and term, these calculators calculate the monthly installment and at the same time list the banks with the cheapest offers.


Loan calculator

Loan calculator

The “loan calculator” can only give you a “preliminary” result. The conditions that banks apply to your loan depend on a number of factors. This includes creditworthiness, job position and the location of the property and its current value. The “loan calculator” cannot take these factors into account. The reason for this is that you usually do not know the current value of the property that you want to buy or build.

For our Hypogeld team, loan comparison is part of day-to-day business. We arrange loans for the purchase or construction, modernization of real estate. Our cooperation with more than 400 renowned banks offers us many opportunities to fulfill your financing request. We also use the “loan calculator” to determine the best conditions for you. However, we go further and determine your household surplus from this result in connection with your monthly charges. Your monthly expenses include the expenses you have each month. This includes rent, electricity, communication (telephone, internet) as well as insurance and other recurring costs.


We will find the ideal financing for your property for you

We will find the ideal financing for your property for you

This enables us to work with more than 400 banks where we compare loans. The results of the “loan calculator” alone are not sufficient to find the financing tailored to your needs.

For us it is irrelevant whether you want to finance the purchase or construction of a property. We will always find the bank for you, which takes over the financing at the best conditions and the cheapest interest. This also applies to follow-up financing, as this is usually required.

Make an appointment with us. Call us or use the contact form on our website. We would be happy to come to you, advise you and deal with all necessary applications, including those for possible funding.

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